The South Africa Icarus X Series

has come to a close


You vs the sky

The Icarus X Series is a global series of air races. Condensed weekend-shaped endurance flying adventure races. This is you taking on the sky and the wilds on a your machine. Sleeping or camping where you land. Hundreds of miles of aerial adventuring. 

This is the perfect gateway drug for anyone who wants to get into cross country paramotoring. It's still the toughest thing to do with a Paramotor, but they're not quite so gigantic as their big ugly brother, the Icarus Trophy and they almost fit into a weekend. A sort of Quickarus if you will.


South Africa

Proper wilderness, big game and the oldest mountain range on the planet. This one is a beast.


United Kingdom

Spanning a huge tract of the South West this is the biggest paramotoring challenge in the country.



Happening in a number of locations in the US the X Series delivers a might aerial slap to the chops.



Not short on challenging terrain this is the toughest thing to do with the sky in Australasia.